Hairstyling Tips for fuller Faces

Guest blog by Alysha Walker, a charming young professional and friend, personal hair stylist, and Vogue level expert.


Our individuality comes in all shapes and sizes, from our faces to our figure, to our personality. Just like clothing, hair can be a tool to accentuate our look, and how we would like to present ourselves. As a hairstylist, I believe knowing your authentic face shape is a good start to understanding how to create a look that fits you! There are 7 types of face shapes, and unlimited ways to play around with them. Most women seek symmetry and balance within their hairstyle to complement and complete their overall look. Here are 3 of my biggest tips to achieving that when working with a fuller face shape. 


My first styling tip would be natural volume. Adding volume to the crown not only adds balance to the face, but also lengthens. My preferred way of achieving this is through blow drying with little or no product. I like to pull the whole top section of hair forward, and by blow drying at the roots, it creates natural resistance, which in turn gives you volume. A fabulous example of this is Adele and her famous blow-dries.

My second tip would be adding layers or “face framing” around the front of your face. This adds softness to your overall face shape and can also accentuate cheeks and curves. Some examples of this are using soft falling pieces around your face for updos, sweeping hair to form soft fringing styles, or even cutting some layering around the cheeks and chin. I would recommend this to add a little boost to most styles. 

Last, but not least, my third styling tip would be to create soft waves instead of curls. A soft waved look varies between an everyday style, or you can spice it up into what is called a “Hollywood Wave”. For an everyday loose wave, I would recommend using a bigger barrel iron to create more lengthening waves versus a tighter curl. Finish off with a texture spray. Adding bends and loose waves in your hair just adds more style in an effortless way. If you are interested in the more elevated version called the “Hollywood Wave”, I would recommend combing out your curls into a Glamourous, yet still very soft wave. Finish it off with a shiny oil or pomade + hairspray, and you are ready for any special occasion.

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