Sale / Not Sale

This is the first season, in which we are not having an official sale. Naturally it is not an easy decision, the whole world goes on sale - how can we not?

We are constantly asked about our prices, some find them too high, others find them even too low. A surprising contrast, but it’s our daily reality. We always stand up straight to our prices, as also to our quality and long relevant design. Our products are rare, they are made with intention, quality, style, an element of usefulness and sustainability.

Uniqueness, quality, fairness, and sustainability have their price. The research and development are the basic of our products, since we produce small series, care for every detail and for every customer, these costs per product are relatively high. We choose to create small quantities, to avoid waist, to produce in small personal ateliers under fair working conditions.

The ADAM BRODY Zurich brand is a rare existence in a market overpowered by fast fashion and by megabrands which of course have their own rhythm, calculations and margins. When we bring an item to the store & to you, we do not calculate the “sale” margin into its price, so you actually get a fair price from the beginning and don’t have to wait for the “Real Deal”, the “Real Deal” is here, a fair product for a fair price with an excellent quality and service - because it focuses on you!

We want you to have the right pieces in your garderobe, pieces that will stay and serve you for a long time. Pieces that don’t have an expiration date. I want you to be able to open these doors and always have something to wear. You deserve it.

…and this is the opposite philosophy of sale…