I grew up as a farmer, with a strong and deep connection to the soil, and the community on it. It is only logical that this culture would go on also in my work as a creator, we are what we wear, our clothes reflect on our feelings and behavior. Our clothes have a soul, and it is formed while the garment is made.

As a designer and a father I have a deep and sincere responsibility to the future, so all that is produced under the brand ADAM BRODY is free of child or any other kind of slavery, abusive or under payed labor. Our materials are mostly European and of sustainable, long wearable high quality. This emotional philosophy is also part of how we advise our customers, sell our garments, how we pack our products (what materials we use, (or don’t use) and so on…

We want you to be happy with what you buy.

We find it only fair !


stockerstrasse 48
8002 zürich

+41 43 344 59 90


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