Looking back at 2020 - A year of forced Evolution

Blog about the changes and opportunities that have emerged through and during the year of the Corona Pandemic and have influenced the brand ADAM BRODY Zurich.

How naive were we, at the beginning, expecting a new start, a better year than 2019, with new, fresh dreams. And how strong it was, this year 2020.... 

It was a year full of pain that made us see our fragility and put me and my business in danger. But it was also a time to set out for new horizons, to question everything, to search, to research, and to search again. As I write these words, I am filled with deepest gratitude for all that has happened. 

First, there is DANI, who joined the team three weeks BC (before corona) and who plays a key role in the development of the renewing ADAM BRODY Zurich concept. 
The lockdown that changed the world so much, was so suffocating, almost physically painful, but in which we found opportunity to explore options, explore possible developments, renew the way we think and ask questions. 

We began to see the brand as a "brand", to refine its DNA and its goals. 
Immediately AC (after corona) we went ONLINE.... my design world got a new challenge, a new dimension and a new way to stay in touch with you. We are still tweaking the approach and learning our way, but hey - the revolution is underway!

Social media, a massively evolved world, has overtaken us. We've started producing more content, communicating and selling on top of it on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us for ongoing details. 

A fresh month ago SONGÜL joined our team, a radiant assistant to take care of the development of these platforms, a breath of fresh air in the sails of ADAM BRODY Zurich. Still feeling uncertain, but looking absolutely optimistic and excited for a new year, a new era and new collections.
I thank you all and am happy to have you as part of the ADAM BRODY Brand family, grateful that you stopped by, called or wrote during this crazy year. 

I wish you and yours a year full of courage and grace, and of course the most important: Health in body and mind.


Adam, with a new Team.