WE are what WE wear.
Our clothes reflect our feelings and our behavior.
Our clothes have a soul, which is shaped as the garment is designed, cut and made.
As a designer and a father, I have a deep and sincere responsibility for the future and for the world we live in and that I will leave to the next generations over time, which is why it is most important to us that everything produced under the ADAM BRODY brand is free from child slavery or any other type of slavery, abusive or underpaid labor. We maintain a clear, almost familial relationship with our suppliers. Our materials are mostly European and of sustainable, durable and high quality.
Our aim is to produce long-term favorites, pieces that are combinable and long-lasting.
This emotional philosophy is also part of the way we advise our customers, how we sell our garments, how we package our products, what materials we use or don't use and so on.
We want you to be happy with what you buy. We want you to look good and feel loved, and we think that's only fair!