Style has nothing to do with size, but with greatness. Slightly modified, the bonmot of ADAM BRODY Zurich stands for premium fashion, which opens up a world beyond the usual clothing sizes, in which curves do not challenge textiles but enliven them. Sensual, sensible, simple, the brand ADAM BRODY Zurich has been pioneering plus size fashion for almost twenty years. The subtly elegant pieces are created with flair and customized to your needs in the in-house atelier.

In the process, a refined choice of fabrics and precise tailoring create garments that treat every body with the same care and attention it deserves. For fashion with soul and understanding. Because being beautifully dressed is not a question of body size, but of feeling, harmony and proportion.

ADAM BRODY Zurich provides thanks to modern pieces for a wardrobe with which feel beautiful does not stop at size 40. Rediscover yourself in a perfectly fitting dress - and experience your body at its best.