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Talstrasse 9, 8001 Zürich

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It started a few years ago,

During the covid years, when we were looking for new creative solutions and projects,

Aimed to keep you and us excited.

The star idea was to create an online lifestyle magazine, focusing on the real, urban, every day super woman. On you.
we were planning stories, personalities, experiences, and design… lots of design.
time past, the world kept changing, and we all got back into the “every day” life,

Since then, many things changed, ADAM BRODY moved out of the flagship store in Stockerstrasse after 16 Beautifull years, it was time for a change.
a few weeks ago, I found this short-term rent store, beautiful, energetic, excitingly located and full of light. Naturally I fell  in love with the fantasy of what it would be like…
I decided there is more than plenty of space to share, and that this would be the chance to make a difference, to offer a variation, a collective of local, quality independent designers and brands, we created also a pop-up gallery to show some local partner artists, and to host a Foto studio/incubator where a young photographer could start his career, (and you can have yourself photographed) we will host talks, masterclasses, presentations of designers and artists and so on. My idea of an online lifestyle magazine, turned to a live, walk in magazine.
we decided, took three weeks to connect with our partners, and got it realized in light speed.


is a combination of a shop, show room, gallery, lounge, event location and more Come in, check it out, find and enjoy our constantly developing group of creators

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Yours, Adam