Insider stories … The “TEL AVIV SHOOTING”

Since we started our ADAM BRODY online store 3 years ago, we also developed our own fashion shooting “hub”, we developed a visual language, a style, a vibe that was managed in the versatility of the space in our boutique in Zürich. Such a harmony, the online shop growing literally in the “on floor” shop …

Every few weeks, we would build here a pop-up photo studio. My cutting table would turn to be a makeup styling paradise, (and a day long luxury buffet). A backdrop was draped, camera, computer, lights, and cables all over the place …Lights blitzed and “puffed” (they have this silent explosion sound). And a complete collection, front died to back, and detail would be digitalized for the web.

This season, for a change….

A change of mood and faces (it is a bit difficult to get plus size models here in Switzerland). Therefore, I decided to have the shooting in Tel Aviv. The vibrant, buzzing, energetic place I see as an alternative home. A few phone calls, a few friends I have never met in real life before and a network, offered a few photographers and models. 

I saw Shai Hansav’s Instagram and felt at home, her aesthetics, her virtual language, and her ease in communications made it feel just right. I suggested a plus size model, she suggested another, and we ended up shooting both. In her loft combination of a home and studio. 

In a flow of adrenaline and excitement she cheered the models, loved the outfits, and every now and again – took us to a different part of the loft’s apartment part, for a few “presentation, styling, shots“, it was magic. The warm daylight flooding the studio gave us and the collection an additional soft summer flair. 

The models on their side were professional and fun. Floating on the floor like fairies, like family, like best friends, bringing and taking clothes, setting lunch, making some “behind the scenes” photos and supporting the production.

I thank – the social medias for connecting us all together (I never met any one of this team before), I thank Shai Hansav for being such a wonderful person and photographer, Eden Katz and Doreli for modeling, and Tel Aviv for giving the incredible vibe.

Hope you love the pics!