Upcycling, recycling and styling

The new upcycling programme for Plus Size fashion and the story behind it

The last year, has refocused us in many ways on our priorities and values. Besides equality and inclusivity, sustainability and thoughtfulness are topics that developed from ideology to practical daily decision makers. Optimizing the use of resources was always important to me. The way I grew up, the way I started my collection, the way I work today, and the way I design, plan, and develop the ADAM BRODY collection.

A lot of energy and intention are used in the selection of fabrics, partly bought of stocks from premium suppliers, breaking a first unnecessary waste cycle. Further, we keep our production close, working with people we know, trust and like, in distances that are sensible and economical, by this we cut far transports short and pollution reduced.

The challenge of optimizing the fabric usage is technically exciting, it seems sometimes like a complex game of sudoku. How do you optimize the usage of fabrics, keep the prices low keep fascinating pattern forms, and attractive elegant chic garments without producing too much waste? I guess this is also part of the ADAM BRODY DNA.

I have a stock of fabric rests I could never let go, fabrics I love. It felt like time to bring our new values. The up-to-date upcycling philosophy and esthetics, time to launch a new way of thinking and doing, developing new dresses tops and blouses. Involving a new handcraft, taking the time and carefully studying the right combinations and serving the plus size customer with a modern, practical crafted chic.

It is definitely the “zeit geist”,

It was fun to make,

And I am sure it is fun to wear.


It is another letter of love to you.