Time – from shock to focus

Adam's summarised feelings and thoughts on the current situation and society's rethinking of time and structures with a view to his collection planning.

Time was always the basic resource. Clear and measurable, the basic element in all cultures.

In the last few months we have developed a very bizarre relationship with time. Suddenly we had lots of it – we were narrowed to small spaces, with lots off-time in our hands. People found "quality time“ in new measures like never before.

I was riding my bicycle to my Atelier, daily, a junky of my routine ,always on time. From my point of fashion, I had a burden of time I couldn’t use. I was frozen to watch the time fly and die. To see the spring disappear, the fashion season pass, while the collection was behind closed doors. Passing next to the fresh opulent spring flora (and the city of Zürich is blessed with lots of it!), unattended visions crying for the waisted spring, our wakeup call after the winter, a physical pain.

We had lots of time to think, rethink, ask questions, be scared of the future, confused and also passionately looking forwards for a change, creating and planning a new future. Products and concepts were rethought. We digitized the complete system. We built a studio in the shop and tought ourselves photography, we developed the online shop while rethinking the new concept of the store. Finally I went home, daily, excited, tired, but optimistic. Optimistic for a new, brighter future for all of us.

Now it’s the time for rebirth, a reopening, challenging new opportunities, more selflove and a big piece of new fashion. Enjoy my new styles, new fabrics and qualities – whether in our online-shop or in our beautiful remodelled boutique downtown of Zürich. 

The change – the new decade – all this will be reflected in our new winter collection. It is our calling and our vision to create beautiful things for you. That’s in the bottom of our hearts.


Yours, Adam