Denim - an ever green, fashion combination acrobat

150 years old and always the symbol of youth it has served fashion and society from cheap robust workwear (as launched famously by Levi's) all over the social and design spectrum.
It has been a key player in the naughty teeny revolution in the 1950s when James Dean and Marlon Brando flaired a young cheeky sex appeal on the robust fabric.
 Over the years, especially since the 1980s, jeans appeared in more and more segments of fashion, Calvin Klein and Armani introduced it to luxury wear, Gaultier to french fresh revolutionary fashion, and Yamamoto to Japanese sophisticated avantgarde.
Today, especially in a time when age and status are less important in our dressing identity, I find that everyone can wear denim, in their own way, style and personality.
And with the richness of various available denim qualities, the possibilities are unlimited.
A few facts
- Denim always changes by washing and wearing, its color and fit keep «developing», almost all types of denim lose color, especially along the first few washes, so- we recommend:
- Do not wear your new denim on white, as long as it is new.
- Wash it inside out, in a not so full machine to avoid fold line washouts.
And otherwise, be adventurous, wear a jeans blazer to work, for going out, for fancy combinations, with a cocktail dress or a super feminine top, and naturally – trousers in all forms and shapes are always a great refreshing possibility, that can hardly go wrong.
As long as the cut fits your body and the style fits your soul!
Don’t forget to make it your own! Wear it to your style, we have some items in which you can surely join the trend yet stay yourself because we love the authentic self that you are.
Remember denim is not only for the young, or for the slim, «denim has nothing to do with size».
Yours, Adam.